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Upper Link Hardware Kit (Primer)

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Upper Link Hardware Kit Stainless Steel (Primer)


- 2020 and Newer Primer 275

- 2020 and Newer Primer 29

- 2020 and Newer Primer S

Kit Part Number: IT150024


Qty 2, Part Number: 130765 Bearing Cap 24mm OD BLK

Qty 1, Part Number: 120807 Cone Spacer Adjuster 8.3mm (Short) BLK

Qty 2, Part Number: 130821 Spacer 2017 C29 Reducer F/Ring Groove

Qty 2, Part Number: 130835 Cap Bearing Carbine SIL

Qty 1, Part Number: 130842 Collet Bolt Top Link M29

Qty 1, Part Number: 130865 Flip Chip RT D-Lock Reducer Primer

Qty 1, Part Number: 130866 Flip Chip Drive Side RT Reducer Primer

Qty 2, Part Number: 140044 Ring Oh 13.8 x 2.4mm

Qty 1, Part Number: 410032 Bolt SHCS M6 x P1.0 x 22L Titanium

Qty 1, Part Number: 410050 Bolt SHCS M6 x 40 Titanium S275C SL

Qty 1, Part Number: 130814 Nut Drive Side SS 2017 Tracer 275

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