Earlier in the year we announced our 2021 line-up of Euro based INTENSE Ambassadors – a collection of 12 riders, from seven different countries, riding a mix of disciplines, from different backgrounds, with various styles and goals. For well over 25 years we have supported and sponsored riders and racers, and we are happy to continue that tradition with this eclectic and talented group of individuals… it’s a great crew.

The ‘man with the plan’ is our very own Bernat Guardia. He has searched the continent, hand picking each of the riders. We are going to introduce each of them over the coming months, but to kick things off is 24 year old Spaniard Mariano Marí Marí, or 3M as he is sometimes called! Bernat gives us the low down on his choice:

“I first met Mariano a couple years ago on a ride. He joined our group on one of our classy Friday rides at our local trails. I’d heard about him already and he was stoked to join us. I remember we hit a fresh new track that the locals had just built and he was not afraid of hitting all the technical stuff at full speed from the first go. His energy and power when riding surprised me, and it was cool to see a young rider ripping as he was. He actually won the Enduro Spanish National series that very same year.”

“Earlier this year when I was working on the ambassador program he came to mind straight away. We started talking and he was so excited about the chance of being on board with us that we had to make it happen. He’s growing a lot as a racer, he’s planning to race all the EWS, even and eEWS, and what can I say, I’m really happy to have him on board. He always carries great energy, and to me he's truly an INTENSE rider.”

We grabbed some words with Mariano.

Hi Mariano, so how would you describe yourself?
Almost everything I do is bike related. I graduated in Sports Science, I’m the Spanish National Enduro Series Champion, coffee enthusiast and a true biker.

Where are you from and where do you live?
I’m from the famous island of Ibiza, but I currently live between there and Barcelona.

How did you get into mountain biking?
I got hooked riding with friends at the weekends, and then quickly enjoyed jumping and riding in the woods. Then I saw downhill World Cups on YouTube and that was it!

Where is your favorite place to ride?
Nothing beats summer bike park laps and riding at home again after a whole season of being away.

Who are your favorite people to ride with?
I enjoy riding with many friends, normally those who encourage me to ride faster and better. Also an interesting chat in the uplift makes things easier.

What’s your favorite motto or saying?
Ride fast, live slow.

What’s your favorite food?
My belly is happy with many things. One worth mentioning has to be orange sweet potato smashed with raw cacao and nuts. You’d freak out.

What makes you happy?
I’m happy any day I realize the things I had planned are successful.

What annoys you?
Patience is not my strength, so silly waits stress me, then if you put Reggaeton music on I explode!

What do you enjoy away from bikes?
Coffee is one of my other hobbies. I am really into specialty coffee, where the farmers, process, roasting and finally brewing method are all appreciated. That’s what I enjoy the most.

What are some of the accomplishments that you are most proud of?
My best accomplishments have to be becoming the 2019 Spanish National Series Champion while studying my third year at university, and finally getting my Sports Science degree in 2020. We were in quarantine and also still training for the races that might happen.

Highlights of the 2020 season for you?
2020 wasn’t a big year for racing, so still having value as a rider was hard. I worked on my social media and for the people that supported me, and once we could race I was really looking forward to it. It was hard to be at the level I wanted, but it helped me get a mindset that’s going to make me stronger for this upcoming season.

What is in the future for 2021 and beyond for you and your bike?
I’m looking forward to a new year of racing and new opportunities. 2021 is looking good and interesting, so hopefully I’ll be in almost all the EWS races that are happening, so finally I’ll be a full time enduro rider. It will also be a year to help and grow the cycling community in Ibiza.

I chose INTENSE because it ticked all my needs of race proven machines to help me achieve my goals.

Follow Mariano on his Instagram and YouTube channels.