Val di Sole World Cup 2019 - The IFR in video

Often regarded the steepest and gnarliest track on the World Cup circuit, this event guarantees to equally test rider and machine! Weather/rain was off and on throughout practice and qualifying, but set things up for a fairly ideal finals. Here’s how things went:

Race results:

  • Qualifying: 
    • Jack Moir: 28th 
    • Neko Mulally: 34th (with 2 falls!)
  • Finals: 
    • Jack Moir: 32th
    • Neko Mulally: 38th
  • World Cup standings: 
    • Jack Moir: 25th
    • Neko Mulally: 44th

“Very frustrating day for me. I have been looking forward to this race all year, and to have one of my worst results for this season sucks. I’m glad Lenzerheide is next weekend, and am keen to turn it around!" - Jack Moir.

“Lot's of positives to take away from the weekend even though the results sheet doesn’t show it. Both Jack and I rode well had had some good speed here on this tough track. Unfortunately I crashed In the mud during qualifying and had a mechanical in my race run. We’ll focus on the good things and get ready to race again next weekend." - Neko Mulally.

“Going in to Val di Sole, I was feeling more than usual optimism regarding our results. With Neko’s big win at US Nationals the weekend prior, and Jack’s steady progress, I felt our chances were looking good. For Neko, it’s great to see he’s proved to himself that he has the speed to be inside the top 20. The result might not show it on paper, but he fell twice in qualifying (and qualified!), and in the finals was hindered by a slow rear wheel leak. As for Jack, I believe once he cracks off another top 10, it will keep rolling for him. Overall, our team has been working amazingly well
together, so I am very proud of everyone.” - Todd Schumlick.