What does the European Media think about the Intense Tazer?

At the end of past year, Barcelona was the place where we release the Intense Tazer for the Media. We don't want to explain you with our own words, it's time to listen what the professionals think...

"We had a great time with the new Intense Tazer, the new creation of Jeff Steber, which maintains its JSS suspension system, to give life to a carbon fiber enduro able to make its 150/160 mm of travel, be for you better than a trip to Eurodisney." - Mountainbike.es

"The e-bike of Intense has been expected, but it has arrived with force and with great arguments. Do not be fooled, it is designed to use all the suspension travel and enjoy with it in the Bike Parks and more aggressive trails. It's a bike that asks for war, but in return it grants you a lot and will save you a shuttle on more than one occasion." - MTBPRO.es

 "The frame is incredibly torsionally stiff and in turn, the Tazer offers great performance that can handle however hard you ride it. The Virtual Pivot Point (VPP) suspension offers you all the control and traction you need, while the finishing and overall design of the Tazer looks very good. There’s even space for a bottle cage, we’re big fans!" - Emtb-news.de

"A day of full immersion on the paths near Barcelona and we had a lot of fun!" - Ebikecult.it

"The Tazer makes its appearance at a time when eMTBs have already become quite refined, and you can tell that the bike has learned from the mistakes of its competitors. Although it’s the American brand’s first eMTB, the Tazer scores with plenty of up-to-date details and carefully considered spec." - Ebike-mtb.com

"The Intense Tazer e-bike joins a select group bikes at the top of the tree. It rides and handles as well as the best e-bikes on the market." - Mbr.co.uk

"INTENSE TAZER. Direct to the Podium!" - E-mtb.es

"The US cult brand Intense builds its first E-MTB with the Tazer. MX wheels combi, 160 mm travel, carbon frame and a special battery integration to make this e-bike a trail rocket." - Bike-magazin.de

"At 64.9° the head angle mimics the slack nature of similar 160mm travel bikes and gives you the confidence to really push the front 29er wheel into loose corners and tackle blind drops without concern." - Singletrackworld.com