Vallnord World Cup 2019 - The IFR in video

Vallnord World Cup 2019 - The IFR in video
Here we are, 4 World Cups completed, 3 more World Cups to go, plus World Championships.  So I guess we could call this 'mid season'!

After strong results in Leogang Austria 4 weeks ago, everyone headed home to prepare for these 2 weeks in Europe.  Here’s how things went this past week/weekend in Vallnord, Andorra:    

Race results
  • Qualifying: 
    • Aaron Gwin: 14th
    • Jack Moir: 29th 
    • Neko Mulally: 68th
  • Finals: 
    • Jack Moir: 10th
    • Aaron Gwin: DNS (injured)
    • Neko Mulally: DNS (did not qualify)
  • World Cup standings: 
    • Aaron Gwin: 10th
    • Jack Moir: 26th
    • Neko Mulally: 34th

"I'm really bummed with the crash and injuries today.  I was really hoping to have a great weekend but we did our best and things just didn't work out.  Hoping I'll get good news from the doctor when I get home and can get back to racing real soon.  Thanks to my awesome team, sponsors, and fans for all the love.  It's been a tough year so far but I'm going to keep working hard and I look forward to coming back strong.” - Aaron Gwin

“Really happy with how this weekend turned out. The first half of this year has been a bit of a struggle, and after a lot of hard work, I finally feel like things are starting to turn around. Lets keep it rolling for Les Gets." - Jack Moir

"This weekend was a rough one for me as I struggled with arm pump on this long, steep track.  I had a strategy for my race run, but it didn’t quite work out and I missed the cut for finals.  Bummed about the way that went down, but looking onward to next weekend and coming back stronger.” - Neko Mulally

“In short, I’m not one who believes much in ‘bad luck’ or ‘we just need a break’.  I believe most happens due to circumstance, most of which are within our control.  As a race team, we are here to represent our sponsors and partners to the best of our abilities.  For that reason, I think our race went well.  On one hand a tough situation for Aaron, and on the other hand a great result for Jack.  So I guess we accept the positives and negatives equally, and progress forward.  For now, Aaron is heading home to see a specialist regarding his shoulder injuries, and then we’ll take it from there.  I’ll update you as we know more.” - Todd Schumlick