Don’t take our word for it, read what the press are saying about our Tracer 279 and Tracer 29 Enduro bikes. Read the views and thoughts of MBUK (UK) and Enduro Mountainbike Magazine (Germany) as they try out our new Enduro bike.


Will Soffe from MBUK magazine has a Tracer 29 PRO as his ‘long termer’. He will be riding the bike as standard ‘out of the box’ spec, and then as the year goes on he’ll swap out a few components as and when he feels like it. Here are his initial thoughts (all photos MBUK/Man Down Media):

“My early impressions suggest INTENSE has knocked it out of the park with a bike that delivers on every level a high-spec enduro bike should. Aggressive geometry means you can really monster this bike, constantly pushing to try to find the limit. Low weight and inertia means it is playful and quick to pick up speed. The spec is strong for the money and a well-chosen mix of kit that really suits the bike’s personality.”


“Corner schralping is easy thanks to the geometry, which is bang-on. A 480mm reach and a 64.4-degree head angle on the large bike, in the high setting, mean the bars and cranks are exactly where I want them to be in relation to the wheels.”

“The Tracer takes choppy terrain in its stride, holding its shape but absorbing the hits, allowing you to stay off the brakes and concentrate on hitting your lines.”

“The Tracer climbs better than you might expect from a 170mm-travel bike too. The steep seat angle keeps your mass forward of the bottom bracket so you don’t loop out on seated climbs.”

Read the full MBUK review here.


Simon Kohler from Enduro Mountainbike Magazine in Germany had our mixed wheel Tracer 279 S (Special build) on test. Here’s what he had to say (all photos Peter Walker/Mike Hunger/Enduro MTB Mag):

“The INTENSE Tracer 279 S looks damn fast with its racing-red finish, and delivers an impressive performance on the trail with its downhill-oriented spec, which was chosen uncompromisingly for rowdy trail sessions – the DH tires alone say everything! With its excellent suspension, the Tracer is the ideal companion for rowdy trail sessions and doesn’t shy away from more technical sections either, where it cuts a fine figure with nimble and intuitive handling.”

“As soon as you swing your leg over the saddle, the INTENSE Tracer 279 S puts you in a comfortable riding position that is neither too front-heavy nor too rear-biased. The suspension is relatively firm, making the climb switch superfluous even on long uphills... overall, the Tracer is a strong climber.”

“Right from the first descent we felt extremely comfortable onboard the INTENSE. The handling is predictable and intuitive, inspiring lots of confidence on the trail.”

“Downhill, the INTENSE integrates you nicely between its wheels and encourages you with intuitive handling, putting you at ease from the get-go and allowing you to shred your way back into the valley safely, even after a long day in the saddle, forgiving smaller riding mistakes when you’re tired.”

“With the weight evenly distributed between the front and rear, the Tracer responds to steering input willingly and precisely, making it easy to spontaneously change your line.”

“The suspension is one of the best-performing... providing tons of support and making it easy to generate speed through rollers and berms. At the same time, it generates tons of traction under braking and offers sufficient reserves to negotiate nasty huck-to-flats, preventing your ankles from folding under your weight. At the same time, the suspension provides plenty of feedback from the ground and always lets you know what’s happening underneath you.”

Read the full Enduro MTB Mag review here.


And if you haven’t seen it yet, check out our video ‘Tracer 29 v 279 – Which would you choose?’ with INTENSE Factory Racing’s Seth Sherlock. He goes through the pros and cons of the two wheel size combos, helping you pick the right bike.