Photos by Alex Luise

Beautiful weather, breathtaking scenery, rich history, amazing food, the Mediterranean sea just outside your door and year round riding on some of the best tracks in Europe… Francesco Colombo and his PuntoSport teammates are living the life.

Francesco is one of our INTENSE Ambassadors and along with Alberto Filisetti and Francesca Lucchini they make up the Italian based PuntoSport downhill and enduro team, and for 2021 they’ll be riding on INTENSE bikes. Our very own Bernat Guardia runs the Ambassador program and he spotted Francesco at a young age.

“I met Francesco around 2013-14. I remember that he was flying the Italian national champion’s sleeve on his jersey and was really young and fast already. When I was building the ambassador program and thinking about an Italian rider I had no doubt that he was our guy... born in racing and a great character. When I contacted him we were lucky enough that he was starting to build a new team structure and was bringing along two more riders. It was perfect timing for us, and I’m really happy with everything they’ve done so far, being really proactive creating media, riding, traveling... I couldn’t be more stoked to have the whole team on board. I can’t wait to see them racing out there, I know they’re all really motivated.” Bernat Guardia

The historical PuntoSport Team is from Sestri Levante, a picture-perfect Italian town in the north west of Italy, just down the coast from Genoa, and home to classic trails such as Sant'Anna and Mimosa. The PuntoSport bike shop has been part of the Italian MTB scene for over 36 years, right from the very birth of the sport, running enduro races and being a major part of the cycling culture in the region, and of course running their own race team. With passion and enthusiasm they have given many riders the opportunity to grow both as athletes and as people.

Francesco, thanks to his various titles of Italian Champion and European Champion, is well known in the Italian mountain bike world and on the downhill World Cup circuit, so he doesn’t really need much introduction.

"I am very happy to announce that this year I will join the PuntoSport Team. It’s a team with a great history and a great desire to help up and coming younger riders to grow in this sport. I can't wait to start racing and I'm super proud to wear this jersey." Francesco Colombo

At his side racing for the entire season of the Italian Downhill Cup and iXS European Cup will be 24 year old Alberto Filisetti. He is highly motivated, already having great experience of the downhill world, with good results and he is looking to take this opportunity to grow and improve.

"I am super happy that this year I will start racing for the PuntoSport Team, I thank my new teammates for welcoming me among them." Alberto Filisetti

Francesca Lucchini is the third member of the team. A passionate mountain biker and international enduro racer, she will also be managing and organizing the team.

"I’m proud to share this new collaborative project with INTENSE and the PuntoSport Team. Everything has been thought through and created by me and Francesco. We have restructured the team, giving it an extra touch of professionalism." Francesca Lucchini

The final part of the story is that the team has become affiliated with the Italian Cycling Federation with the intention of making mountain bike schools for children of all ages and skill levels – from rookies through to more experienced riders. The team want to invite people into the world of mountain biking in a professional and inspirational way. You never know, they may find the next Italian or World Champion!

We look forward to watching how the team gets on this season, and to see how their mountain bike school develops over the next few years.


Describe yourself.
I’m an athlete who loves the outdoors, sport and racing bikes.

Where are you from and where do you live?
I came from Varazze, a small tourist village in Liguria, Italy. I still live there, it’s not far from Finale Ligure and San Remo.

How did you got into mountain biking?
I started with my father doing little rides, then I met Bruno Zanchi (legendary Italian downhiller, now enduro racer) in Finale Ligure and he put me onto the racing scene.

Where is your favorite place to ride?
Pila Bike Park.

Who are your favorite people to ride with?
Everyone who’s pumped to ride.

What's your favorite motto or saying?
Belin! It can mean many things in Italian…

What's your favorite food?

What makes you happy?
Cooking a good pasta, winning races and have fun with my friends.

What annoys you?
If I burn the omelette and not be able to give my 100% in something.

What do you enjoy away from bikes?
Riding motocross, taking photos and having good times.

What are some of the accomplishments that you're most proud of?
I like to remember when I won the Junior European Championship, but also my two National Championships and some great World Cup races.

What were some of the highlights of the 2020 season for you?
The highlight was for sure the first time I got back on my bike after a bad injury in 2019.

What’s in the stars for 2021 and beyond for you and your bike?
The goal is to have my best race season, and then I want to ride more and in different places.

Because the values that INTENSE and the bikes transmit are the same ones I want in my life.