Sam HILL vs. Kilian BRON in DUSTED

Share a ride with Sam is always an amazing experience. I had the opportunity to join him at home for some weeks, not so far from Perth – WA. In « DUSTED », we just enjoyed a day to share some laps on a dusty flow trail around the Murray Valley.

What a feeling to follow him drifting on each corners with incredible ease, as usual...It's disconcerting to see him flying over the trail but that was also a real pleasure to try to catch him! Simply, that's the best way to learn to ride!

Sam is a true passionnate. Not only by races, he just like to ride mountain bike, share good times with his friends and family. A humble and discret legend, still ready for the first rounds of the 2019 Enduro World Series season.

On my side, I use to spend the most of my times in the mountains, discovering new trails all around the world. Even if I'm mostly focus on my original trips and media projects, Race, at large, is for me an added value to spend time with the all Intense Mavic Collective team. That's also a good way to challenge myself and see all my friends reunited in the same event.

Intense Mavic Collective Team

Sam: « It's cool to be able to ride with the people who work at Mavic and enjoy sort of the same passion each other bounds ideas of each other about product and new products and what we like and don't like. Just see their excitement to get out on a bike! (and yeah, everyone who has riden with the mavic is so fast on bike so it's cool to be able to go ride with them and share the experience.)

Riding with Kilian and being able to show him some of my local and home trails was an awesome experience and he had no trouble keeping up in the dusty conditions, so yeah it was pretty cool! »

In theory, we have two opposite profiles with Sam! But we share exactly the same passion for mountain biking. That was the key of suscess for this little video project and I really appreciate his spirit.

That's actually a short action video before to release a full inside story about the real Sam Hill. Because there is real human hidden behind the incredible athlete he is!

Sam showed me his own local trails and in return, he follow me on some skecthy lines. The dam below is a good exemple.

After a litlle warm up on the Dwellingup trail, the same you watched in the video, we went to the Mundaring trails for more action. A photo shooting by sunset, as always shared with friends and other good guys.

Thanks Sam for the good times! Thanks Mavic for making it possible!


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Photo credit: Pierre Henni