Leogang World Cup 2019 - The IFR in video

With all the weight that was placed on the team the previous couple weeks, everyone was eager to get back on track.  Here’s how things went.

Race results:
  • Qualifying: 
    • Aaron Gwin: 8th
    • Neko Mulally: 33rd
    • Jack Moir: 36th
  • Finals: 
    • Aaron Gwin: 5th
    • Jack Moir: 23rd
    • Neko Mulally: 33rd
  • World Cup standings: 
    • Aaron Gwin: 9th
    • Neko Mulally: 29th
    • Jack Moir: 38th
"I had a solid run today and was close to hitting the result I wanted, but just off the pace. Times were super tight this year, and I’m excited to keep pushing forward.” - Neko Mulally.
Intense Neko Leogang UCI World Cup
"Pretty happy with my run today. Making some good progress each round, after a few set backs early this season. Bring on Andorra!” - Jack Moir.
Intense Moir Leogang UCI World Cup
"Happy with my weekend overall. I made some progress in a few areas, and it was nice to have some positives to build on moving forward after the tough month we’ve had.  Looking forward to these next few weeks at home preparing for the next race in Andorra!” - Aaron Gwin.
Intense Gwin Leogang UCI World Cup
"In short, in the past couple weeks our team banned together, weathered the storm, and came out the other side stronger. This past weekend's results prove that.  I couldn’t be prouder of everyone.” - Todd Schumlick (IFR Manager).
Intense Todd Leogang UCI World Cup



Photos: @nathanhughesphoto