Lenzerheide World Cup 2019 - The IFR in video

Lenzerheide World Cup 2019 - The IFR in video

Here we go, our last World Cup in Europe of the season. Soon we’re off to N. America for the World Championships in Mont Sainte Anne, Quebec, and Snowshoe, West Virginia World Cup. But for now, here’s how things went in Lenzerheide, Switzerland:

Race results:

  • Qualifying: 
    • Jack Moir: 28th 
    • Neko Mulally: 34th (with 2 falls!)
  • Finals: 
    • Jack Moir: 32th
    • Neko Mulally: 38th
  • World Cup standings: 
    • Jack Moir: 25th
    • Neko Mulally: 44th

“A disappointing 2 weeks for me. Struggled with the slick conditions both weekends. Although I’m happy with how I rode during race run yesterday, I’m bummed on the final result.” - Jack Moir.

“Happy with my weekend here in Lenzerheide. I rode well all week, and enjoyed pushing the pace in the race. I’m really excited for the next two in North America.” - Neko Mulally.

“For the most part, this is what racing is all about. A team working together towards one common goal. Winning. The glory is limited to a few, but we all aim for it. Our guys never stop believing they can achieve such glory, and that’s what I love about racing the most. I look forward to rounding out the season with some strong performances ahead.” - Todd Schumlick.