INTENSE Ambassador Jordan Booker describes himself as a “professional fun haver” and anyone who has ever met him will know just how true that is. An absolute menace (and I mean that in a good way) on anything with two wheels.

He’s an ex MX2 GP rider who now rides as many different bikes as he possibly can – from 150 2-strokes, pit bikes and of course mountain bikes. He’s mad for DH runs on our M29 but it will come as no surprise that he also loves the power assist and smile-inducing good times that he gets when riding our Tazer eBike.

“Coming from motocross, where you’re so restricted with where you can ride, now with eBikes you can just take them into the woods and go for a rip with your mates and explore. It’s pretty crazy how far they can take you. You keep discovering new trails, and if a trail is not great you can easily just ride back up and try something else.”

For more info on our Tazer eBike click the image below.