We are pleased to announce a new long-term collaboration between ourselves and the incredible riding spot of Territori Lo Podall, located in Tremp, northeastern Spain, in the foothills of the Pyrenees. ‘Territori Lo Podall by INTENSE’ is built, managed, and maintained by the local Lo Podall Association – a group of passionate mountain bikers and trail-running locals who have taken steps to promote this beautifully stunning area and its awesome trails. It is their hard work, and dedication that has helped transform this area into a true mountain biking destination.

Located approximately two and half hours drive north west of Barcelona (location of our INTENSE Europe HQ) Tremp and its trails have been on our radar for a while now. Vincent Perelló, European Rider Experience Manager, takes up the story:

"I first found out about Tremp a couple of years ago when some videos of really fun trails with spectacular views started to go viral on social media. Since then I’ve been there several times and I couldn’t help but be impressed. Each trail and route leaves you wanting more and more.

Then a few months ago I saw that the guys from the Lo Podall Association were launching a crowdfunding campaign to be able to continue progressing and expanding the MTB trail network, as well as different associated services. It was clear to me that it was something that INTENSE could get involved with.

The understanding with Dani (the head of the Lo Podall Association) and the rest of his team was 100% from the beginning, so it didn't take us long to reach an agreement and define the best way to collaborate with each other. This is how the Territori Lo Podall by INTENSE emerged, a new MTB center that will undoubtedly get people talking."

As a brand we already know the area quite well. Over the last two years, and with the help of INTENSE Ambassadors Francesco Colombo, Francy Luchini, Mariano Mari and Luca Leonardi, we’ve done photoshoots for our Primer, Tazer and Tazer MX bikes. The crew only have good things to say about the area.

“Riding in Tremp is a trip to the true mountain biking essence, a place to ride and get lost. It’s really one of the those places that makes me come back home with a big smile and reminds me why I love mountain biking so much. I’m proud for INTENSE to have the chance to support the team in Tremp, and hopefully making more people enjoy these trails in the future”. Bernat Guardia, INTENSE European Marketing Manager

We’ve signed a 3 year contract to support the trail project and help Tremp become one of the top trail centers in Europe. By legalizing trails, creating maps and routes, signs, etc. We are proud to support such a core mountain bike association as Lo Podall.

We are in the process of helping to create a web page with all of the information on routes, as well as the correct marking of all the trails, and information on obtaining the appropriate licenses and permits, etc. There’ll be more news and trails coming soon.

Don't miss out, come and visit the area and its trails. You won't be disappointed.