Here at INTENSE we are pleased to announce the start of a brand-new assembly facility at our Temecula, California headquarters.

In a move to streamline bike production capabilities we have begun assembling specific models in-house at our U.S. HQ in California. This new initiative has allowed us to speed up certain areas of our production, while also giving us greater flexibility with complete-bike availability. This move means that we can now bring bikes to market more quickly. The project will focus on longer travel offerings, the new Tracer 170mm Enduro bike and the M29 208mm Downhill bike.

Everyone is aware of the ongoing issues with global supply chains, it has hit the industry hard and has had a huge effect on the way we all work. Adding this assembly capability to our Temecula headquarters complements our existing global supply chain and provides important flexibility moving forward.

“It is great to have the buzz of assembly back in our headquarters, in some ways it feels like we are returning to our roots and the early days of INTENSE,” commented INTENSE Founder and CEO, Jeff Steber. He continues, “This is just phase one – the launch of our California facility is part of a long-term plan to bring a percentage of our assembly to every region that we distribute in.”