Fort Williams World Cup 2019 - The IFR in video

It’s been an exciting couple weeks for sure! (a bit of an understatement!). It all started with Aaron’s injured ankle a couple weeks ago in the US, followed by vehicle break-in and theft of Aaron’s race bike, and topped off by a spectacular crash in Fort William finals (if you haven’t seen the video, check Aaron’s or Intense Factory Racing Instagram page).

The good new: Aaron’s ankle is coming around and he was not injured, van/trailer have been repaired (from break-in), and we’re all going racing in Leogang! 
Race results:
  • Qualifying: 
    • Aaron Gwin: 21st
    • Neko Mulally: 27th
    • Jack Moir: 55th
  • Finals: 
    • Neko Mulally: 22nd
    • Jack Moir: 29th
    • Aaron Gwin: DNF
  • World Cup standings: 
    • Aaron Gwin: 14th
    • Neko Mulally: 29th
    • Jack Moir: 48th