Enduro World Series #3 Maderia - Portugal

Enduro World Series #3 Maderia - Portugal

Again and again! Isabeau Courdurier won the 3rd round of the Enduro World Series in Madeira.

Here we have Isabeau and Cédric impressions...

Isabeau Courdurier:

It has been a long wait after the first two rounds of the Enduro World Series so I was very excited to get back to racing. I raced here two years ago and loved it! But I got prepared for an epic battle this year.
The weather has been very nice all week long and we practiced some very fast and dusty trails on Thursday and Friday.

Isabeau Courdurier - Intense Mavic Collective - Enduro World Series #3 Maderia - Portugal

The first race day was about a 4 hours ride, yet what a tough one! The 3 stages were extremely demanding physically. While I was feeling confident about my race I had no idea where I would stand time wise. I was both relieved and happy to be in the lead after winning the first three stages. But the times are extremely tight this season, so no margin of error is allowed. I have to give 100% on every stage to stay in the game.

To keep my focus I took Sunday morning’s race as a completely new one. The day started by racing Loic Bruni’s line in Gamble: fast, flowy and… so dusty! The following stage was named Ratboy, after Josh Bryceland. A complete opposite of the first one but still really fun to race. Stages 6 to 8 were decisive. I managed some smooth runs and really enjoy the diversity of terrains Madeira has to offer. I made a mistake on the Queen Stage – Stage 7 – and thought I would not win this one. It was such a relief to see the times. There were only 2 seconds between me and my Canadian friend Andréane. I’m trying to earn as many points as possible for the overall as you never know what can happen for the rest of the season.

Isabeau Courdurier - Intense Mavic Collective - Enduro World Series #3 Maderia - Portugal
I’m feeling really proud of this weekend since this is my best carrier achievement so far, by winning 7 stages over 8. It’s a great confidence builder and surely proves that hard work pays off. I’m looking forward to settling at home for a while before the bulk of the season begins.

I would like to use this opportunity to thank everyone involved and helping me reach my full potential. It appears as if I am standing alone on the box but I would be nowhere without the support I receive from all of you.

Cédric Carrez - Team Manager:

Madeira, pearl of the Atlantic. The reputation of the island is not overrated so it is beautiful. But it is also an obvious playground for mountain bikers thanks to an amazing diversity of trails and terrains.
Between the trail quality and the breathtaking landscapes and sea view, Madeira is unquestionably one of the most enjoyable trip of the season.

Cedric Carrez - Intense Mavic Collective - Enduro World Series #3 Maderia - Portugal
The goal of the weekend was simple: validate Isa’s leading position on the competition by signing a new stage victory and if possible grab the Queen Stage once more. And that’s exactly what she managed to do! I’m incredibly satisfied with Isa’s results, not only is she crushing every stage of the EWS but her motivation and dedication have been truly inspiring.
Her great performances since the beginning of the season is allowing the Team to sit 8th at the overall team ranking, in front of some major players. A great achievement for us!

Isabeau Courdurier from the Intense Mavic Collective won the 3rd round of the Enduro World Series in Madeira
We’re all very excited to see her perform in the Dolomites for the next round of the EWS in June. But in the meantime, let’s take some well-deserved rest after a demanding weekend.


Photo credit: Kike Abelleira