Enduro World Series #2 Tasmania - Australia

Again! Isabeau Courdurier won the 2nd round of the Enduro World Series in Tasmania, Australia.

Here we have Isabeau and Cédric impressions...

Isabeau Courdurier:

"After a successful first round I was thrilled to come back to Derby, where I won my first ever EWS back in 2017. I always loved the vibe of this place, with its coffee shops, bars and bike shops everywhere.
The atmosphere before the race was very friendly and reminded me how fun it was to race here.

I enjoyed every stages but I had my eye on the queen stage, opening the round on Saturday. The longest one of the weekend. I needed this win to start the competition in the best possible conditions. I was stoked to be able to secure my position with a win.

But I didn't take this win for granted and started racing on Sunday as if the queen stage never happened. My opponents were really close and I had to stay focus.
I felt quite nervous starting stage 2 and as a result I crashed 15 seconds after the beginning of the race. This was a wake-up call to relax and focus on riding my bike as I'm used to. I got more and more comfortable as I was riding.

I had the most fun on stage 5, definitely my favourite one! It started with a gnarly rocky garden with fun jumps at the bottom.

Unfortunately, the final stage did not go as planned. My rear wheel hit a sharp rock too hard which resulted in a puncture. It's in these moments that you realize how important the right technical partners are. Thanks to Joe's No Flats' sealant I was able to get back on my bike in no time. They definitely saved my race.

After another amazing weekend I would like to give a massive thanks to the crowd for giving this race such an amazing atmosphere. To the organization for their impressive job on the event. And a special thanks to my sponsors for making it happen. Your support and commitment is a huge part of my success on the past weekends.

Derby, I love you and hope to see you again very soon!

PS - Thanks for introducing me to the shoey. Champagne will never taste the same!
Now time to relax and rest before another great battle in Madeira."

Cédric Carrez - Team Manager:

Derby is a MTB paradise and what a great experience for us to be there for this 2nd round of the EWS. After a successful start in NZ we wanted to confirm our leading position in Tasmania, by winning both the Queen stage and the other stages. What a terrific performance from Isabeau! She now sits 1st with the maximum points possible!

And it was not an easy round for her, since the level keeps improving race after race. It's making the competition so interesting this year, but it also reinforces the need for Isa to be focused every step of the way to avoid any mistake. I'm really impressed by what she has demonstrated over the first two rounds and can't wait to see her push her limits on the next ones.

As for me it was my firts time in Tassie. I would like to thank the organization and the crowd for their warm welcome and for the great event!

Can't wait to see you in Madeira in just a few weeks for round 3.


Photo Credit: Dave Trumpore & Kike Abelleira