We’ve been holding back from having to bring in price increases, but we can’t put it off any longer. From midnight this Friday, July 16th, we’ll be adding a 2–6% price increase across our INTENSE range. Whilst many other bike brands did this over six months ago we’ve been holding out in the hope that the global situation would improve… but it hasn’t.


Every one of us has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic and the turmoil that it has brought with it. For us here at INTENSE there are many reasons why we have had to increase prices at this time.

There has been a rise in the price of raw materials, manufacturing costs have gone up, due in part to strict quarantines and lock downs in the factories of our suppliers. One of the biggest factors has been the increased price of containers and shipping (up to three or four times the usual price pre-Covid), there have also been big issues and increased costs with the global supply chain. Add to that currency fluctuations and a complex and ever changing situation… well we just couldn’t hold it off any longer.


This situation has been building over the last 12 months, and for us to be able to continue to develop amazing cutting edge bikes we need to slightly adjust our pricing. We are now in a position where we have to make some changes. But do not worry, we have absorbed a lot of the increases, so we are only raising prices by a small percentage. As mentioned above, this will be between 2-6% depending on the model of bike.

As an example, in real terms that means our Primer S trail bike will go from €5699 to €5799 (+2%), and a bike like our Tazer Expert eBike will go from €5499 to €5699 (+4%). 

Thanks for your understanding,

The INTENSE Europe team.